Improving Local Food Trade

with digital solutions for farmers and retailers within and across Africa.

Peatuce Farms

We source a wide range of seeds, grains and vegetables from our network of trained smallholder farmers in rural areas across Nigeria.

Farmers are equipped with the use of modern technology, have guaranteed access to reliable markets, advice from pre-harvest to post-harvest activities and Micro-lending from Peatuce and partners.

We are currently focused on Melon (Egusi) and Bush-Mango.

Peatuce Food

There have been an increasing demand for agricultural raw materials which at times led to food inflation, undersupply of food produce to retailers led to sharp price increase for the end consumers.

Our goal is to ultimately reduce food prices for end consumers by processing and packaging agricultural produce into world class products.

With the trademarked GIMI brand, our first product is Gimi egusi (melon seed) which is NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control) approved, affordable, high quality with no preservative.

Peatuce Distribution

Peatuce is creating a broad digital network of retailers, products and produce are conveniently delivered for free to their doorstep.

We use mobile phone technology to profile retailers, ensure constant supply and offer trade credit from Peatuce and partners.

Our aim is to have an organized marketplace, remove unnecessary intermediates in the local food trade and provide retailers with the best quality at a fair price.

Sustainable Agricultural System

We believe in a future where local farmers play a large role in feeding our communities, the local produce trade has remained under served by technology so far because of the trade complexity, trade barriers of various kinds (trust and quality assurance apart legal and regulatory aspects), insufficient information on product and service availability, infrastructure bottlenecks and lack of right knowledge at the right time at the right place.

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