Improving Local Food Trade

With intelligent solutions to achieve maximum efficiency, quality and profitability for farmers, wholesalers and distributors.

Peatuce Farmers Hub

Farming is capital and technology intensive, but it is not yet information-intensive, as a result farms stall out or collapse because of poor planning, suboptimal growing equipment, or not understanding the global climate change. Peatuce team understands the challenges today's local farmers face and we are working with key stakeholders to sensitize farmers of all sizes and scales to plan, build and operate successful farms. Peatuce Farmers Hub (PFH) target is 20,000 local farmers in diferrent State by 2018, this helps build a distributed network of value-based, economically viable farms that grow better food for their local communities.

Peatuce Distribution

Peatuce is building a broad distribution network to help farmers handle their produce. We are working with distributors, trucking companies, wholesalers and farmers to minimize double-digit handoffs between when it's picked and when it's stacked on store shelves.

Peatuce Smart Farm

Arable lands that are economically viable for growing fresh fruits and vegetables are depleting, new and sophisticated agricultural systems are what we need if we want to continue to feed the 7 billion people currently on the planet (8.5 billion by 2030). We aspire to build a future of farming that can produce food that's healthier and more convenient.

Sustainable Agricultural System

We believe in a future where local farmers play a large role in feeding our communities, the local produce trade has remained under served by technology so far because of the trade complexity, trade barriers of various kinds (trust and quality assurance apart legal and regulatory aspects), insufficient information on product and service availability, infrastructure bottlenecks and lack of right knowledge at the right time at the right place.

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